Okanagan Lake

It’s great when friends visit. Not only do you reconnect, celebrate memories and create new ones, but you can tour them around your city or town and see it with fresh eyes.

We did that recently with old friends who stopped over for a couple of nights and had the time to see some of the sights.

Okanagan Lake provided its usual fantastic views.
Inside a maple tree.
A serene lake.

Seeing your home from a new perspective is a good thing. It reminded me of how fortunate I am to live here.

Wine Country

The Okanagan Valley is a major producer (among other things) of wine. There are 186 separate wineries; many of them have attached restaurants and small hotels or B and Bs, as well. So it’s entirely appropriate to see a sculpture such as this in one of Penticton’s parks!

A fun tribute to one of the Okanagan’s major sources of income.

As you can imagine, tourists visit the valley not only for the sun, beaches, hiking and sailing, but also for the wineries and restaurants. In the last 40 or so years, quite a food culture has sprung up around the wine industry, which is completely natural of course, and includes wine bottle sculptures!

Grape vines near Penticton

Happy Tuesday.

Sometimes, life is like that.