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Heat Storm

After entering the Northwest Territories, we encountered very high temperatures (certainly for this area in mid-August) and then a huge rain storm with pancake-size raindrops, sustained fork lightning and high winds. It was quite a display.

Entering the storm.

I tried to get a picture of a lightening fork, but missed on all my attempts.

Storm dispersal.

My understanding is that the prairies and southern Northwest Territories are going to get a series of hot days followed by these intense storms, some of which may contain hail or may become tornadoes. Fingers crossed, we skip those.

Cagliari – Sunset on the Lagoon

Hi everybody! I have stopped again posting and I am terribly sorry. I moved to Sardinia and started working for a resort here on the island. As usual…

Cagliari – Sunset on the Lagoon

A beautiful photo of Cagliari, a city on the island of Sardinia, courtesy of Flavia Vinci. I hope you take a moment to visit her blog as he has many more lovely photos.