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Winter Ptarmigan

The winter ptarmigan (the “p” is silent) can be very difficult to see, especially in low light.

Apart from the small dark beak and eyes, they are incredibly white. I have at times mistaken them for lumps of snow, especially when they are on the roads; groups of them will land there.

Completely adapted to their environment, they are white in the winter and a mottled brown in the summer. How many ptarmigan do you see in the photo?

Subarctic Cold

After a very temperate autumn, especially for the north, we have been whacked by a sudden cold front that will deepen as we head into December.

In less than a month, I will be heading to warmer temperatures in the Okanagan Valley for the winter break.

Although this weather produces an extremely clear air quality and beautifully bright daylight, I am already looking forward to more warmth.