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When the Flu Drops in on You …

… and doesn’t want to leave …

This flu (not covid) that’s going around right now is a nasty one. I think I have experienced every symptom, in progression, that you can possibly get.

Image courtesy of CSA

After a week of fevers, coughing, aching, fatigue and tummy upset, I’ve reached the congestion and sneezing stage. And believe me, these are record-setting sneezes.

I’ve never experienced such sets of violent, successive sneezes, ever. Five in a row isn’t uncommon. I’m worried my shoes will pop off or my teeth might fly out. If you’ve recently felt some slight tremors, that might have been the vibrations from my sneezes.

Of course, this means that my body is getting rid of the virus and despite boxes of hankies and bottles of sanitiser, I’m probably still expelling enormous clouds of particles with a radius of at least two kilometres. I did go to work at the end of the week, but I had to wear a mask and quarantine my office. Not that it mattered all that much since most people were at home with flu themselves.

This too shall pass …
… and there will be daisies.

I’m slowly getting better and over the worst of it. But do try your best to avoid this one, as it’s dreadful.

Happy Sunday and good luck to Canada’s Soccer team! 🇨🇦

Do You See Me?

While walking last week, I passed some underbrush that was full of little quail. But because they are so quick and blend in so well, it’s hard to get photos of them.

Here I am!

I was only able to get this shot, although I stood watching their busy busyness for about 15 minutes. They’re very adorable, if somewhat elusive!

Happy mid-week.

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. It was originally held in November but the date was changed about 60 years ago so that it wouldn’t conflict with Remembrance Day which is held on November 11.

The history of this day of thanks, while related to British and European harvest festivals, is also said by historians to come from the first celebration of Thanksgiving in North America during the 1579 voyage of explorer Martin Frobisher while he was in the Arctic looking for the Northwest Passage.

Another explanation is that French settlers, having arrived with Samuel De Champlain in 1604, held a thanksgiving feast with the neighbouring First Nations.

Whatever the history, the point is that we should recognise and appreciate the advantages that we have in life.

Many thanks.

A View from a Winery

It was a bit hazy (at least not from wildfire smoke!) but there was still a great view down through the southern Okanagan Valley to Lake Osoyoos and the U.S. border from a winery we like to visit.

Although somewhat overcast, the weather was nice, quite comfortable and the view fantastic.

Happy Friday; happy weekend.

Autumn Bliss

I love how warm, calm and clear the weather can be during autumn.

A walk along the east side of Okanagan Lake was lovely. People were swimming and enjoying the perfect temperature.

We saw signs of seasonal closures – ice cream and snack stands; people winterising their boats – but there were lots of other examples of people enjoying the weather, too.

Wherever you are, I hope you are having good weather too.

Happy Wednesday.