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Clover Time

Although not universally loved, clover is an essential part of our ecosystem. If you have it in your lawn, it will actually push out weeds, and of course, it’s an important food source for butterflies, some birds, cows, deer, rabbits, horses, and many other animals.

And let’s not forget how important clover is to our bee friends. They love it, and if you love honey, much of it results from the hard work of clover bees.

This clover patch was very busy with bees and butterflies until I disrupted them with my picture-taking, but I noticed that they were back as soon as I stepped away.

Naturopathy counsels that there are many health benefits to consuming clover, and of course, don’t forget that it’s good luck! ☘️

Happy Thursday.

Rainy Robin

This wet robin reminded me of a favourite Raffi song from my son’s childhood.

Robin in the rain
What a saucy fellow
Robin in the rain
Mind your socks of yellow
Running in the garden on your nimble feet
Digging for your dinner with your long strong beak

Robin in the rain
You don’t mind the weather
Showers always make you gay
But the worms are wishing you would stay at home
Robin on a rainy day
Robin in the rain
Robin in the rain

– Raffi; from Singable Songs for the Very Young

Happy Monday.

Wild Flowers

I found these pretty wild flowers growing very profusely next to a road. There were many, many of them blanketing the stony verge.

These seem to be a type of wild pea …

… but they also have orchid-like qualities, too. I wasn’t able to find an identification for them online, so at least for now, they will remain a pleasant mystery.

Happy Saturday.

Italian, Please

Although my cultural background is very strongly French-Canadian, I love to cook and eat Italian. A big favourite is mushroom pasta.

I find it incredibly comforting and delicious, and together with a glass of wine, one of my most treasured meals.

At some point in the future, (no more Covid!) I hope to spend some time in an Italian cooking school really digging in, in more ways than one!

Happy Monday.

Ahead By a Century

In this time of turbulent uncertainty, where we once again see a military behemoth threatening a much smaller, peaceful country, we sometimes need to remember what we have and what we can give.

I think this iconic Canadian song from The Tragically Hip encapsulates that idea. It’s a song with a broad sweep as it weaves together past, present and future. It is about time, memory, loss, disappointment and desire, but it’s also about Canada’s identity and the politics of hope. Generally, it’s song in which we’re asked to drop what holds us back, and to imagine a future unharnessed by personal drawbacks.

Most of all, we’re urged to rethink the present, and to imagine a more generous and accepting future that should not be ahead of us by a century.

It’s very sad that we lost Gord Downie so early, but he and his band mates gifted us with an incredible body of heartfelt, lyrically beautiful music; this song in particular. It’s a huge reminder of all our advantages and why it’s necessary to help a friend who’s fighting a massive, vicious bully.

Glory to Ukraine. 🇺🇦