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Sandhill Cranes

There are lots of sandhill cranes throughout Canada and especially in the Northwest Territories.

Elegant and graceful, they arrive in late spring to mate and raise their young. They mate for life and usually have two eggs each spring. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that both chicks will survive to adulthood. The male is readily identifiable through his distinctive red forehead patch.

Happy Tuesday.

Nature Moves Quickly

Three weeks ago, the Little Bison River looked like this:

There are still snowmobile tracks!

And now:

Completely thawed and moving rapidly!

At the moment, we have 18 full hours of daylight, and as a result we are warming quickly (by comparison, Toronto, which is 19° further south, is getting 15 hours). By the solstice in June, we will have 20 hours of daylight with about 4 hours of twilight.

All the plants and animals have to take advantage of this intense period of light and warmth before it again becomes cold.

Happy Sunday and for Canadians, Happy long weekend!