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It’s not Easy Being Green

Today is St Patrick’s Day, and although I don’t have any Irish antecedents, my husband does. He, in fact, is half Irish.

Photo courtesy of Paige Morris

I don’t really understand why St Patrick’s Day has become so popular (is it the green beer? the riddance of green snakes?), but since I’m a half French frog, I do understand the green background and that it confers a certain ability to stand up to the preconceived notions of others.

So here’s to the Irish! May they live as long as they want, and never want as long as they live.

Northern Raven

The Northwest Territories has lots of ravens. I don’t really know how they survive the winters, but they do.

Very intelligent and canny and with a wide vocal range, I have seen them plan, act in concert, and then share the proceeds of their cooperation. And I swear that they have a sort of language.

The Dene believe that they are good luck, unless they are calling out to each other at night. That is then a sign that you should hunker down in your house.

Happy Monday; happy week. 🙂