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Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day (Photo credit: Anirudh Koul)

I was in a relationship with a narcissist for almost three years and married to him for 18 months, which at the time, seemed like an eternity. After I extricated myself, I kept thinking that he needed a warning sign hanging over his head, preferably neon.

I was aware that he was actively seeking another partner and that some other woman (or women) would be subjected to his mental abuse. There’s nothing that I can do to help the women that he will specifically hunt, but I can send out a general warning. This is my little bit, my public service announcement, if you like. I went on a real roller-coaster journey where I was forced to learn a lot, and hopefully, because of my experience, someone somewhere will be saved from the suffering that being in a relationship with a narcissist will produce.

Because the man that I was married to is vindictive and vengeful, I will have to change dates, names, places and in some cases, I will also have alter events so that I and the people in my life are protected. However, be assured that my descriptions of what happened, of what I learned, and of narcissism in general and its effects, are truthful.

So, there is no gravatar. I cannot share my picture. I will not be displaying photos of pets, children or friends. I cannot really describe the work I do or where I live. I can say that I reside somewhere in Canada. I cannot provide links that might personally identify me. If all this caution sounds overdone and your opinion is that I shouldn’t be here if I’m that concerned about my privacy, then perhaps you’re right, but more important is my hope is that some man or woman will see himself or herself, and will be saved from, at the very least, a nasty experience.

I also hope to provide a forum for people who have had similar experiences to share their insights, views, suggestions, reading materials, websites, anything that might help to shine a light on the scourge that is narcissism. Or, if you just need to vent, that’s welcome, too.

Thanks for reading.

October, 2012

AN UPDATE … I’m moving on to exploring other topics. I will continue to post about narcissism but it will now have its own separate category.  Please see “Time for a Change.” Thanks again for following and reading; I appreciate you all. 🙂

April, 2013