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The Deer and the Apricot Tree

I came across this deer chowing down on apricots. There were three trees in the field, all of which have very ripe and seemingly abandoned fruit. He didn’t seem much bothered by me as I stopped to admire the scene.

There were many apricots on the ground but this guy was picking them right from the trees.

I’m glad he found the trees and is having some good meals – he was there again the next day – it would be a shame for the fruit to go to waste.

Happy Monday; happy week. 🙂

My Favourite Walking Trail

My favourite walking trail occupies a former rail corridor that was turned into a terrific path after it was abandoned by Canadian Pacific Railway when the line began losing money. This trail is now known as the KVR trail, short for Kettle Valley Railway Trail.

Stopping for a coffee sip.

There is a very gentle grade as the trail climbs above the valley, and the views at the top are amazing.

The view from above.

The trial encompasses hundreds of kilometres and is extremely popular with hikers and cyclists. Overnighting is permitted in certain areas if you plan to do a long trip.

Vineyards and orchards …

We have done most of the distance between Penticton and Kelowna (76 km) but only in chunks. We are planning to do all of it in the future as a three-day trip.