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Roof Glacier Update 3

Relatively speaking, my roof glacier is almost gone.

March 20

On February 16, it still had some drama going on.

Now it is just a pale version of itself and soon the sun will have its way and melt it completely. Nature’s plans are difficult to avert.

I don’t mind saying goodbye to this roof glacier even though it’s likely to be the last one I will experience. The south beckons and I will be permanently leaving in seven months’ time.

I’m much more interested in that blue sky and what it promises.

Roof Glacier Update

My roof glacier has melted a lot!

March 13
March 16
March 17 – disappearing in the sun.

In the night I was awakened by a thunk but couldn’t find anything amiss inside. Then I realized that some of the roof glacier had probably fallen; in the morning I saw some snowfall underneath the glacier. Between the melting and the falling, I don’t think it’s going to last long!

Happy Saturday.

It’s Green Day

I’m not Irish, but I appreciate greenery. A lot. And especially if it indicates spring (or summer!). So herewith is a selection of green photos to help you channel your inner leprechaun. 🍀

British Columbia rain forest.
Okanagan Valley wine grape vines.
Ground cover from a friend’s garden.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Have fun being green. 🙂