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Rocky Mountains – Kicking Horse Pass

I am on my way back to British Columbia from the Northwest Territories, this time via a more southerly route than the one I usually take.

Entering the Rocky Mountains through smoky skies.

Because of this extremely dry, early spring, there are ferocious wildfires in northern Alberta right now. The smoke from these fires is blanketing much of North America.

As we travelled west, the smoke over the Rockies began to decrease.

As we left the Territories, there were many evacuations and our drive through northern Alberta became rather tense when we encountered a long stretch of very dark, orange-hued, smoke-filled skies.

Although these views appear to be very smoky, this is an improvement over what we experienced in northern Alberta.
Entering the Kicking Horse Pass.

Long, gentle, soaking rains would be an excellent thing right now. Let’s hope we get some.

Entrance to Mount Robson Provincial Park

As we drove through the Rocky Mountains, I saw this beautiful view of a cloud-shrouded Mount Robson. Very appropriate since its other name is Cloud Cap.

The weather was quite variable and after the glimpse above, the cloud closed in again, emphasising that Cloud Cap Mountain is indeed cloudy.

Happy Tuesday.


We recently drove through the Rocky Mountains again on our way northward, and stopped at Valemount, British Columbia, to stretch our legs and spend the night.

The weather was variable with mixed sun and cloud and a few rain showers, but the temperature was well above zero. Fairly typical April weather, really.

Valemount is in the traditional territory of the Kootenai, Shuswap and Rocky Mountain Cree and is located between the Rocky, Monashee and Cariboo Mountains. It’s the nearest community to the west of Jasper National Park and is one of 14 designated resort municipalities in British Columbia (Wikipedia). We often stop there to rest or for the night as there are a couple of good hotels with decent restaurants and there’s also a good local brewery.

There are many outdoor activities in the Valemount area because of its location: skiing, both downhill and cross-country, snowboarding and snowmobiling; and in the summer, hiking and walking. And then there’s the scenery. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, the views are stunning, no matter the season.

Although we are glad that our regular drives through this area will be coming to end in October, we have really enjoyed Valemount and the many beauties of the area.

Mount Robson Provincial Park

Mount Robson Provincial Park is in British Columbia just west of Jasper National Park. It is the most prominent peak of the Rocky Mountains and is completely surrounded by park lands.

The entrance to Mount Robson, also known as Cloud Cap Mountain. On our recent drive, the mountain was wearing its cap.

When we drive from Northwest Territories to Penticton, we often stop at Mount Robson to stretch our legs although we have never stayed there. The walking/hiking is amazing.

Happy Tuesday.

Mountain Approach

We had beautiful weather for our recent drive through Jasper National Park.

There were exceptional views from quite a distance because of the clear day.

As we got closer it was very evident that spring had started. There was a lot of snow at higher elevations but below there was only a bit here and there.

The snowy peaks against the blue sky were breathtaking.

It was delightful to leave the very snowy and still relatively cold north to enjoy a bit of southern spring, especially in such a gorgeous area and in such beautiful weather.

Happy Tuesday.