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An Early Walk

We have some very hot temperatures right now, so it’s important to go walking in the cooler morning hours. Penticton has many trails and paths from which to choose and with varying degrees of difficulty. Even in the morning, it was already quite warm and so we decided to take our time.

A view from a trail above Penticton

At one point, we were accosted by a gaggle of ducks and pigeons who were expecting handouts. This group is seriously used to interacting with humans.

This is a stick-up!

It might be 40C (104F), but really, I prefer the heat over -40C (-40F). I have one more subarctic winter to go before returning permanently to Penticton where my time will be mostly my own!

Early Morning Geese

Seeing these early morning Canada geese while we were out for a heat-avoiding early morning walk reminded me of Supertramp’s Good-bye Stranger. I developed a bit of an earworm and wasn’t sure why until I thought of some of the lyrics.

It was an early morning yesterday
I was up before the dawn
And I really have enjoyed my stay
But I must be moving on …

If you like Supertramp, here’s Good- bye Stranger from their album Breakfast in America.

Happy Saturday.