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Melting Time

The superstorm that swept across much of North America has departed the Okanagan Valley and there’s lots of melting left behind it.

After days of overcast, snow, high winds, chill factors and freezing temperatures, it has been nice to see a bit of sun and calm, warmer weather. It was raining today but well above freezing, so I’ll take that any time. You never have to shovel rain out your driveway!

Happy Wednesday.

When the Weather Outside Is Frightful …

… there’s lots of stuff inside that’s delightful!

Hot chocolate, maybe with some liqueur?
Warm croissants?
Some Okanagan Sangiovese, rich and luscious?

Whatever makes you feel cosy and comforted, now is the time to indulge! Here’s Michael Bublé singing that famous song: https://youtu.be/Mk6ZzzWWJ1A

Happy Tuesday.

Coming through the Weather

The cold front sweeping south from the Arctic caught up with us last night while we overnighted in Kamloops. We had managed to get ahead of it but I guess this front was going to have its way, regardless.

Two hours outside of Penticton, we were still dealing with snow and blowing snow, but at least it was a good 10°C warmer than our departure point was at -22C (-8F) and most of the snow was falling at the higher elevations.

We decided not to take the Okanagan Connector (Coquihalla; aka Highway from Hell) as it’s at an elevation of 1717 metres (5633 ft) and was predicted to get a heavy snowfall and high winds. We took the long way around; the visibility was okay.

We’re also supposed to get a storm from the Pacific as well; yay. A nice stormy squeeze! The good news is that it’s all supposed to be over and cleared up in the next couple of days.

It was nice to get home and get out of the weather! Happy Monday.

We Built this City on … Snow?

Starship (https://youtu.be/K1b8AhIsSYQ) may have built their city on rock and roll, but this subarctic city was built on snow. Well, not really. It’s just that when you’re deep in it (deep in the hoopla? And if you know this reference you’re a rock star!) and you have to dig your way out the door, it only feels like that.

But then again, if something feels that way, then it probably is that way, and since we just came through a weekend storm with winds that gusted to 100 km (62 mi), dropped 12 cm (4 inches) of snow, and caused an overcast that gave us only about four hours of daylight, how it feels counts for a lot.

But thankfully the storm has passed and sun should be on its way. Happy Monday.

When the Flu Drops in on You …

… and doesn’t want to leave …

This flu (not covid) that’s going around right now is a nasty one. I think I have experienced every symptom, in progression, that you can possibly get.

Image courtesy of CSA

After a week of fevers, coughing, aching, fatigue and tummy upset, I’ve reached the congestion and sneezing stage. And believe me, these are record-setting sneezes.

I’ve never experienced such sets of violent, successive sneezes, ever. Five in a row isn’t uncommon. I’m worried my shoes will pop off or my teeth might fly out. If you’ve recently felt some slight tremors, that might have been the vibrations from my sneezes.

Of course, this means that my body is getting rid of the virus and despite boxes of hankies and bottles of sanitiser, I’m probably still expelling enormous clouds of particles with a radius of at least two kilometres. I did go to work at the end of the week, but I had to wear a mask and quarantine my office. Not that it mattered all that much since most people were at home with flu themselves.

This too shall pass …
… and there will be daisies.

I’m slowly getting better and over the worst of it. But do try your best to avoid this one, as it’s dreadful.

Happy Sunday and good luck to Canada’s Soccer team! 🇨🇦

Under the Snow Drop

Although it’s normal for this subarctic area to receive large snowfalls during November, the most recent one was particularly generous! 55 cm (about 22 inches) fell during a three-day period, filling driveways and road verges and obliterating vision to create a temporarily monochromatic world. Here are some snow covered views.

A handrail.
A garbage bin outside my office.
There’s a truck under that 17-hour snow collection.

The snow finally stopped this afternoon and the sun made an appearance, but I understand that we will get more on Friday.

Happy Tuesday.

Prairie Storm

On our way west we encountered an enormous rain storm on the northern prairies of Alberta.

The wipers struggle to keep up.

Prairie rain storms can start and stop suddenly, and this one came to an abrupt halt.

The rain slows.

Soon we encountered clearing skies and continued our drive under clear conditions.

Climbing above the Peace River valley.

Greetings from northern Alberta.

Heat Storm

After entering the Northwest Territories, we encountered very high temperatures (certainly for this area in mid-August) and then a huge rain storm with pancake-size raindrops, sustained fork lightning and high winds. It was quite a display.

Entering the storm.

I tried to get a picture of a lightening fork, but missed on all my attempts.

Storm dispersal.

My understanding is that the prairies and southern Northwest Territories are going to get a series of hot days followed by these intense storms, some of which may contain hail or may become tornadoes. Fingers crossed, we skip those.