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When the Weather Outside Is Frightful …

… there’s lots of stuff inside that’s delightful!

Hot chocolate, maybe with some liqueur?
Warm croissants?
Some Okanagan Sangiovese, rich and luscious?

Whatever makes you feel cosy and comforted, now is the time to indulge! Here’s Michael Bublé singing that famous song: https://youtu.be/Mk6ZzzWWJ1A

Happy Tuesday.

Coming through the Weather

The cold front sweeping south from the Arctic caught up with us last night while we overnighted in Kamloops. We had managed to get ahead of it but I guess this front was going to have its way, regardless.

Two hours outside of Penticton, we were still dealing with snow and blowing snow, but at least it was a good 10°C warmer than our departure point was at -22C (-8F) and most of the snow was falling at the higher elevations.

We decided not to take the Okanagan Connector (Coquihalla; aka Highway from Hell) as it’s at an elevation of 1717 metres (5633 ft) and was predicted to get a heavy snowfall and high winds. We took the long way around; the visibility was okay.

We’re also supposed to get a storm from the Pacific as well; yay. A nice stormy squeeze! The good news is that it’s all supposed to be over and cleared up in the next couple of days.

It was nice to get home and get out of the weather! Happy Monday.


The beginning of yesterday’s drive through northwestern Alberta and into British Columbia was a bit challenging with icy roads and blowing snow, but by 3:00 p.m. the sun had become visible and much of the snowfall had stopped.

Do you see the aura, or sundog, toward the left of the sun? Sundogs are caused by light reflection on ice particles in the air; on the prairies this lovely effect is observable because of the beautiful, open skies.

Happy Sunday.