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Snow Roof

Here’s our roof edge showing the successive layers of snow, snow melt with icicles and then more snow.

This icy snow is creeping, glacier-like, down the side of our roof.

It looks like a small nudge might easily bring down this ice-snow ridge, but it’s actually up there quite solidly.

Inside, my M is watching the Raptors basketball game and making a wonderful dinner. The Raptors won!

Happy Tuesday.

Snow Canopy

Our rise in temperature caused this snow canopy to develop. You can see where the door has shaved off some of the snow; whittled it down so to speak.

You might be wondering why we haven’t knocked it down. Actually, it’s attached up there rather solidly, and secondly, that’s a lot of snow. If we knock it down, we will have to shovel it off our steps, and since it has become warmer, the snow has become denser and heavier.

That’s probably more than you wanted to know about snow. 😉

Happy Tuesday.

Under the Snow Drop

Although it’s normal for this subarctic area to receive large snowfalls during November, the most recent one was particularly generous! 55 cm (about 22 inches) fell during a three-day period, filling driveways and road verges and obliterating vision to create a temporarily monochromatic world. Here are some snow covered views.

A handrail.
A garbage bin outside my office.
There’s a truck under that 17-hour snow collection.

The snow finally stopped this afternoon and the sun made an appearance, but I understand that we will get more on Friday.

Happy Tuesday.

Snow, Anyone?

The lake effect snow is coming down in full abundance. It hasn’t stopped snowing – a very heavy, wet snow – for 48 hours now.

Our front steps were becoming buried. On Sunday afternoon my M did an interim digging so that we could get the door open. Another digging will be required tomorrow!
Snow piled on a railing.
The visibility at 3:00 p.m. was very poor, so I was happy not to be on a highway.

Happy Monday.

Entering the Snowy North

Once we left High Level, Alberta, and headed due north, we encountered temperatures at 0° accompanied by a freezing rain/snow mix. It made driving interesting, to say the least.

A snowy and frozen road surface.
At times the visibility was quite poor, but the trees were accumulating a lovely white coating.
A sun-ray sneaks through the overcast.

Happy Wednesday from the snowy Northwest Territories.