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No More Icicles

At least not for now, because we have had a major rise in temperature accompanied by sun!

April 4, 2022

The change from -21C (-6F) on Friday to today’s +8 (46F) has been huge, resulting in lots of water running everywhere and pond-sized puddles in yards, parking lots and soccer fields. I got a shower trying to get into the house!

March 28, 2022

You can see how much snow from the house eaves has already melted since a week ago.

Happy Tuesday!

Spring Icicles?

Yes, spring icicles are springing up, or rather, down, everywhere.

Smallish icicles hanging from the house eave.

We’re supposed to have warmish weather over the next couple of days, so these icies will grow a lot. For safety, I’ve knocked down the ones over the door and will probably have to keep doing so for a while. There’s a lot of snow on that roof!

Happy Tuesday.

A Buttupine?

Around a corner from a door at YZF. I’ve passed this spot many times without before noticing.

I am not a smoker, but I couldn’t resist a picture of this bristling butt disposal depot. Ugh. While I can’t imagine standing out in this cold for a puff – and I totally get why no one has bothered to clean this thing – I guess any proverbial butt in a storm will do!

Happy Sunday.