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Roof Glacier Update 3

Relatively speaking, my roof glacier is almost gone.

March 20

On February 16, it still had some drama going on.

Now it is just a pale version of itself and soon the sun will have its way and melt it completely. Nature’s plans are difficult to avert.

I don’t mind saying goodbye to this roof glacier even though it’s likely to be the last one I will experience. The south beckons and I will be permanently leaving in seven months’ time.

I’m much more interested in that blue sky and what it promises.

Roof Glacier Update

My roof glacier has melted a lot!

March 13
March 16
March 17 – disappearing in the sun.

In the night I was awakened by a thunk but couldn’t find anything amiss inside. Then I realized that some of the roof glacier had probably fallen; in the morning I saw some snowfall underneath the glacier. Between the melting and the falling, I don’t think it’s going to last long!

Happy Saturday.

Roof Glacier

There’s a lot of snow on our roof, and it’s beginning to get soft, melty and slidey.

Right now it’s up there solidly, but it either will come down with a thunk or will simply melt away.

I predict that this particular roof glacier will fall rather than melt, but we’ll see. The snowy awning over the door has been trimmed back, eliminating any danger of a sudden snow dump while exiting the house, so it’s fun to watch the progression of the rest of it.

Happy Tuesday.

Sunny and Cold

A sunny cold view of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

We are experiencing a very cold spell over the next few days as a result of Arctic outflows. Our high tomorrow is expected to be -34 (-29F) with wind chill around -42C, so we need to be cautious about frostbite and vehicles and aircraft need to be babied. This Arctic outflow is expected to reach into much of North America, so if your temperatures suddenly drop, that’s probably why.

Happy Monday; stay warm.