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Kokanee Power

The kokanee salmon have begun their arduous journey upstream to spawn and continue their life cycle.

Can you spot the little kokanee on the left? This creek is running quite low but it has a strong current. We watched this fish rest behind the ladder before swimming swiftly and energetically upstream.
Uncredited photo – kokanee salmon.

Kokanee are thought to be landlocked, freshwater sockeye salmon that separated from that species about 15000 years ago. It migrates upstream from lakes instead of from the ocean.

It’s a small species that grows to be approximately 2 kilos (about 5 lbs) at most, but is clearly a survivor.

Happy Wednesday.

Kokanee Salmon

If you look closely, you will see three pink fish in the centre of the photo. These are small Kokanee salmon; they are a form of land-locked sockeye salmon that live all their lives in fresh water.

It’s thought that they became separated from their sockeye relatives and trapped in lakes and streams about 15,000 years ago. While they spend most of their time in lakes, they travel into creeks and rivers to spawn. Many of them die while following this biological imperative; you can see some dead ones in the photo above.

Photo courtesy of Canstock.

The average Kokanee only grows from about 1.5 to 3 kilos (six pounds). They are not the prettiest looking fish, but the males turn dark pink when they are spawning.

I have eaten Kokanee salmon and they have a very delicious, somewhat mild flavour; in my opinion they taste more like a richer trout.

Greetings from the Kokanee salmon of the Okanagan Valley. 🙂