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No Snow Today …

… time for some flowers from a July day in Penticton, and especially for our Ontario family and friends, who received a metre of snow (3.3 feet) over the weekend!

I often visit the Penticton rose garden when I am at home. The roses usually last quite late into the autumn, but this is a lovely walk at any time of year.
I’ve posted some of these photos before, but now is a good time to see them again!
Beautiful red roses.
The rose garden’s focus is, of course, roses, but there are many other beauties as well, including these dianthus.

Happy Tuesday.

October Flowers

There are many flowers still blooming ~

Baby pink wild roses.
Glorious sunflowers.
Magnificent hibiscus.
And last but not least, lovely cultivated roses.

It’s such a delight to continue seeing all this marvellous colour and scent well into autumn. There will be lots of good memories to dream on while everything sleeps.

Greetings from the October flowers of the Okanagan Valley.