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Runway Sundogs

A sunrise takeoff lead to a perfect view of these sundogs. Sundogs are caused by the refraction of light through ice crystals; essentially, they are ice particle reflections.

Sundogs only occur in rather cold temperatures; these are the result of -27C (-17F).

Greetings from the cold but spectacular north. 🙂

As Penny requested, I am re-posting this photo for the solstice. Happy December 21. 🙂 Please visit her site: http://icelandpenny.com/2021/12/15/300-metres/

Happy Halloween

Walking through the crunchy leaves has been an enjoyable autumn experience accompanied by strong childhood memories of playing in the leaf piles.

I’ve always liked this Bugs Bunny cartoon; another enjoyable childhood memory associated with this time of year. After all this time, it still makes me laugh. https://youtu.be/NoSVnc-7eTk

I hope you have a little chocolate and enjoy the day, perhaps with some crunchy leaves to walk through. 🎃