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Northern Raven

The Northwest Territories has lots of ravens. I don’t really know how they survive the winters, but they do.

Very intelligent and canny and with a wide vocal range, I have seen them plan, act in concert, and then share the proceeds of their cooperation. And I swear that they have a sort of language.

The Dene believe that they are good luck, unless they are calling out to each other at night. That is then a sign that you should hunker down in your house.

Happy Monday; happy week. 🙂

Snow Sculptures

We may be getting warmer, but we still have lots of snow. What to do with some of it? Make sculptures, of course!

One of our corvid friends with a snowball in his beak.

This one is of a raven; they are one of the most intelligent and resourceful birds on the planet. They have to be – they survive through -50C (and in more northern areas, even colder) subarctic and Arctic temperatures by huddling together in wind protected areas. Loyal, extremely communicative and collaborative, I don’t see them as the mean, nasty nasties they are often portrayed as in literature and film.

It has been quite overcast for a few days, so these photos are very monochromatic, (I had a lot of visual difficulty because of the lack of contrast) but the subarctic can be like that.

I really admire the talents of the people who come out to make these. They were out on a frozen lake, in the howling wind, in -40C (-40F).

I won’t be sorry to say good-bye to these sculptures when they melt, though!

Have a good week. 🙂