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Do You See Me?

While walking last week, I passed some underbrush that was full of little quail. But because they are so quick and blend in so well, it’s hard to get photos of them.

Here I am!

I was only able to get this shot, although I stood watching their busy busyness for about 15 minutes. They’re very adorable, if somewhat elusive!

Happy mid-week.

Little Quail

Quail are ubiquitous here in the Okanagan Valley. I often see them racing around, their cute little comma-shaped head feathers arriving ahead of them.

The male is on the left and the female on the right.

Although they can fly, they are amazingly fast runners and when chicks are nearby, the adults will suddenly burst into flight, distracting potential predators away from the little ones.

They are extremely social and live in family groups of 20 or more birds. They don’t migrate for the winter but will congregate in coveys of up to 100 birds to keep warm since at 25 cm, (10 inches) they are very small.

They are portrayed extensively on the art work of this area and there’s even a winery named after them.

Greetings from the quail of the Okanagan Valley!