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Thank you and !!COME BACK!!

RuleofStupid has this great New Year’s idea! Think about joining up!

Rule of Stupid

Hi Everyone,

C4C had an amazing year. There were 149 different visitors just on the day, with 1,635 comments. Last year we had 335 comments, which means we had over 500% more chat this year!

Partly I think the new system made it easier to manage, and easier for visitors to navigate. Of course, the sprawling readership of Rara helped, as did the numerous people who posted badges. My thanks to everyone.

There was talk about doing C4C for other times of year. Perhaps I’d need to change the blog name for that? And not to Company for Valentines Day which unlikelyexplanations pointed out would be C4VD! Ick! We will see.

Meanwhile, this next bit might be easier, and also a bizarre experiment of a kind.

Company For New Year?

I can’t help but think that watching the new year traverse the planet through the window of C4C comments…

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Good-bye James Gandolfini

James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was/am a fan of the HBO series The Sopranosso it was with sadness that I heard of the passing of James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano, at the age of 51. He was on holidays in Rome and apparently died of a heart attack.

I enjoyed his acting and the series. He employed a deft hand in creating a truly screwed up character; a mass of psychopathic contradictions who could kill with his bare hands one minute and tenderly kiss his daughter on the cheek the next. Tony Soprano transcended the stereotype of the typical mob boss with his fainting spells and his trips to a shrink.

Gandolfini played many other parts, however.  He had been on Broadway and most recently had been in Zero Dark ThirtyHe was also preparing for a new HBO series.

We have lost a talented actor.

Good-bye, James.