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A Mystery Plant and a View

When I first saw this plant I thought it was a fake, but then I touched it and discovered that it’s some sort of succulent.

Do you recognise this plant?? I tried looking it up but had no luck.

Nevertheless, speaking of plants, here’s a vineyard view from the southern Okanagan’s Black Sage Bench. The grapes are plump and nearing harvesting.

Today’s grapes become tomorrow’s wines. 🙂

Happy Saturday.

Busy Spider

I saw this rather intricate web on top of a bush.

There were lots of bits of leaves and other detritus caught in it, but I didn’t see anything a spider would want to eat.

It’s possible that’s this is the work of spider mites (they actually eat the plants they live on) but I don’t think so. The bush seems to be healthy and growing and the web strands seem much too large to be the work of tiny mites.

Happy Friday.

Autumn Soon

A trip to the Penticton market had a distinctly autumnal air despite the heat.

Fresh raspberries and blackberries – the last of them, we were repeatedly told – were bountifully available.

The flower stalls were bursting with vibrant autumn colours. At 30C (86F), it doesn’t feel much like September, but those invigorating cooler temperatures will arrive soon.

Happy Sunday.