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My British Columbia Home

Here’s a little tour of my home in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. When I am not working in the Northwest Territories, I am usually here.

Okanagan Lake is a very deep, very long north to south (135 km) body of fresh water with very different climates from one end to the other.

Even within short distances, there are extremes. Enormous sage bushes crouch in the dry soil in one spot, and a few meters away …

… there’s a vibrantly green apricot tree.

And then there are the grape vines. Many, many varietals. Some of these grapes will become very expensive bottles of wine while others are much more lowly, but pleasant and worthwhile all the same.

Part of this valley is classified as desert while other parts further to the north are made up of deciduous and coniferous forest.

A vineyard on the Naramata Bench.

Right now it is very hot (about 36°C) and dry and while the wine grapes might really like that, there have been some significant lightening-triggered fires as well. A few rain showers would be very helpful.

What are the defining characteristics of your part of the world?

Simple Things

Brownies (Photo credit: yum9me)

Life turns on the simple things, I believe. They are the things that keep us going, that provide us with that little boost, that make life worth living.

In no particular order, here are some simple things that I really enjoy:

1. Chocolate. The darker, the better. And if it arrives as a brownie, I’m in heaven.

2. Being greeted by my dog at the door. He’s so nonjudgmental. He doesn’t care what’s going on. He’s just happy to see me.

3. A sunny, crisp, windless fall day. They are so gorgeous!

4. A good glass of red wine. I’m quite fond of the new-world wines, but Europe has some pretty good stuff, too!

5. Reading my favourite people on WordPress.

6. Browsing a newspaper from front to back on a Sunday morning with a pot of coffee at hand. And not an online paper, either. I haven’t been able to do this much lately as I’ve been really busy.

7. A hug from my M. He gives the best hugs!

8. A beach on an ocean.

9. Reading a great book. The kind of book that leaves you wanting more.

10. Visiting with my best friends.

There are lots of other simple things that I enjoy – these are just a few of them.

What are some of yours?