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Wild Rose Hips

If you like rose hip jelly …

… a trip to the north might be on your agenda. We truly have a bumper crop. They are quite large – bigger than cultivated blueberries – and plentiful. They pack high levels of vitamins C and D as well as a substance that fights inflammation.

I’m not sure what this means. A longer winter? We had a long one last year, even by the north’s standards. So, if that’s the case …

… maybe we should just leave them to the bears. We humans have enough.

Happy Monday. Have a good week. 🙂

Today’s Picture: 18 Sep 20

Every year, I take a break from the internet; a complete break. It recharges the batteries and allows time to reflect on the nature of the world as …

Today’s Picture: 18 Sep 20

Stuart is taking a break, but he has continued to schedule his lovely photos so that everyone can still enjoy them. As he reminds us, please be generous and pass his photos on so that those who are trapped inside may enjoy them. 🙂