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North Fork Skokomish in Winter

North Fork Skokomish where it runs into Lake CushmanThe North Fork Skokomish valley is one of my favorite locations in Olympic National Park. It used…

North Fork Skokomish in Winter

Beautiful photos of Olympic National Park, U.S. from Allan J Jones Photo Blog. I hope you stop by his site to see more of his great pictures.

Arriving in the Okanagan Valley …

… from the Coquihalla Connector through the Okanagan Mountain range in August.

About 40 km (25 mi) above the valley with Lake Okanagan in the distance.
On our final decent into the valley.
Nearly there on a beautiful late August day.

After our huge snowfall from last weekend and the cold weather that followed, I needed to see some reminders of sunny days and bright skies.