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Bison River

I regularly drive past the Bison River and I always check on its state as I go by. Two weeks ago it was frozen almost completely solid but contained many ice heaves as a trickle of water, insulated by the thick ice, continued to run through underneath during the winter.

But a freely running channel has now opened up as our daylight hours continue to lengthen and the sun shines on the ice for longer periods. We now only have about seven hours of darkness, and these will shorten to about two hours of twilight as we near the solstice.

Happy Saturday!

No More Icicles

At least not for now, because we have had a major rise in temperature accompanied by sun!

April 4, 2022

The change from -21C (-6F) on Friday to today’s +8 (46F) has been huge, resulting in lots of water running everywhere and pond-sized puddles in yards, parking lots and soccer fields. I got a shower trying to get into the house!

March 28, 2022

You can see how much snow from the house eaves has already melted since a week ago.

Happy Tuesday!