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A Very Small Wedding in a Fabulous Place

So M and I tied the knot a little over a week ago!

We met our three sons (M has two; I have one) in Calgary and then went to Banff in Banff National Park where we got married.

Banff (Photo credit: diluvienne)

We had some pictures taken with the Banff Springs Hotel in the background.

English: Banff Springs Hotel Deutsch: Das Fair...
Banff Springs Hotel  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We stayed at the Post Hotel at Lake Louise, which is my favourite hotel in the world and features the most wonderful menu and wine list. (Sorry, I wasn’t able to upload a photo of the Post Hotel – arrrgg – the following picture shows Lake Louise and the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel where we had dinner.)

Lake Louise Ski Area on Mt. Whitehorn seen fro...
Lake Louise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great day was had at the nearby Emerald Lake, including lunch at the Emerald Lake Lodge followed by some walking around the lake. Two of our sons thought that it would be a good idea to jump into it – pretty cold, even in August!

Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake (Photo credit: K J L)

Emerald Lake really is a very distinctive green; this is caused by minerals in the water from glacial run-off. All of the lakes in this region are impressive and varying shades of green and greenish-blue.

We had a fabulous dinner at the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel; M used to work there many years ago. He had fun taking a nostalgic walk around, remembering all the stuff he used to get up to and telling his sons about his life there on the hotel staff.

Chateau Lake Louise reflecting in the water
Chateau Lake Louise reflecting in the water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After our sons returned to their various parts of Canada – Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan – (when the wait staff asked us where we were from, we were happy to say, “all over Canada!”) M and I spent some time on our own, as all newly married couples should do :).

Holidays and Other Things

So, I’m going to be away for a few days and will miss some of your posts, but I will be neglecting them for a good reason – M and I are tying the knot!

We will be staying at Lake Louise in Banff National Park with our boys (read adult men) where we will be enjoying great food, great scenery and, and, and.

Lake Louise, near Banff
Lake Louise, near Banff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See you all when I get back!