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As indicated in yesterday’s post, I have happily arrived back in British Columbia and it looks very much like I won’t be returning to the NWT for any length of time before I retire in a few months from now. So, M and I have been enjoying something of a small celebration which is great because it’s coinciding with the long May weekend.

Okanagan Lake serenity.

We have already taken a few long walks (without mosquitoes!) and have been enjoying the relatively smoke-free weather and lovely temperatures. There have also been regular rain showers which, apart from keeping the hills damp, are also helping to clean the air of smoke particles.

Okanagan Lake is still and calm.

The famous Penticton market is open, people are swimming, the dog beaches are active and so many late spring flowers are blooming. I haven’t experienced the month of May in Penticton for a number of years now, so I am really enjoying this.

Greetings from the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.