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Skaha Lake

It was another hot day today as we shuffle, literally, through this extreme “heat dome” that has settled over most of western North America. Anything more than a shuffle is to invite heat stroke, heart attacks, and profound, sweat-soaked enervation.

But going out early will work. M and I avoided the soaring 42°C (108F) temps that occurred later in the day by leaving for our walk before 8. When we stopped for a rest and water drink, this is the view we saw.

Even in early morning, there’s a heat haze.

We are very fortunate to live across the street from this park with its fabulous swimming beach, and in the upcoming weeks, I plan to spend a lot of time there with several good books.

Stay cool everyone. 🙂

May 17’s Monday Marvellous

I feel like publishing photos of home right now as I’m quite wistful for it.

Skaha Park with Skaha Lake through the trees. My home is close by.

Here in Northwest Territories, it has been a very long, long winter, literally, and although the record-breaking amount of snow we had has melted, the temperature hasn’t gone up much.

There’s been a lot of rain, too, and now there’s flooding in some areas.

With the addition of all the COVID anxieties and concerns, the last 15 months have been challenging.

I am looking forward to a break, at home, soon.

Happy Monday, happy week. 🙂

A Water Sign

Well, it’s a frozen water sign. Aquarius the water-carrier, to be exact, which is kind of perfect, because this frozen water is carrying cars and trucks.

I know that I’m really stretching this symbol, but I like the idea of the Aquarian water-carrier carrying ice for a safe crossing on an ice road.

Don’t exceed 40,000 kg!

This ice road crosses Great Slave Lake between Yellowknife and Dettah. In the summer, you have to go around, and that takes about 20 minutes more.

A sunny shortcut!

I hope we all soon experience some sunny and safe shortcuts. After all, most of us have had to do the long way around for the better part of a year.

Happy mid-week. 🙂