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Autumn Bliss

I love how warm, calm and clear the weather can be during autumn.

A walk along the east side of Okanagan Lake was lovely. People were swimming and enjoying the perfect temperature.

We saw signs of seasonal closures – ice cream and snack stands; people winterising their boats – but there were lots of other examples of people enjoying the weather, too.

Wherever you are, I hope you are having good weather too.

Happy Wednesday.

Evening on the Lake

After a mostly sunny day, the weather became overcast, but it was still about 20C (68F) and very comfortable for an evening walk.

We saw this sailboat heading into the Penticton marina for the night, which seemed a good idea to me as the wind was coming up quite strongly. It seems we are getting some residual effects from the typhoon that just crossed the Pacific and bumped into the coast. That interaction is much farther north in Alaska, but apparently, this is leading to significant weather impacts in the south, wind included.

Happy Sunday.

Kokanee Power

The kokanee salmon have begun their arduous journey upstream to spawn and continue their life cycle.

Can you spot the little kokanee on the left? This creek is running quite low but it has a strong current. We watched this fish rest behind the ladder before swimming swiftly and energetically upstream.
Uncredited photo – kokanee salmon.

Kokanee are thought to be landlocked, freshwater sockeye salmon that separated from that species about 15000 years ago. It migrates upstream from lakes instead of from the ocean.

It’s a small species that grows to be approximately 2 kilos (about 5 lbs) at most, but is clearly a survivor.

Happy Wednesday.