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Summer Koi Pond (with Tree)

I like visiting this public koi pond.

The tree reflection makes it appear as if the koi are swimming in some massive seaweed.
These koi like to swim near the edge of the pool when someone stops to look at them. They’re probably expecting some food. Do you see the dark one in the lower third of the photo?

I have always liked fish-watching. It’s very calming, almost meditative.

Happy Friday.

Japanese Garden Stroll

We took a walk through Penticton’s Japanese Garden.

The water level in the pond had dropped a lot; not surprising considering how dry August was.

We stopped to take a look at the many colourful koi. They expected us to feed them and swam eagerly to the pond’s edge.

Some of them are quite large!

This is a very tranquil garden on the edge of Lake Okanagan; such a beautiful spot.

Happy Thursday.