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Some Melt

A bit of melting started happening yesterday as the sun carried some power even though it was still only -15C (5F) outside.

By week’s end we are supposed to go up by about 12° to -3C (27F) or so. That will be nice!

Happy Sunday, and don’t forget to change your clocks. Which reminds me, one of Dalí’s melting clock paintings is probably very appropriate today.

Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dalí


Spring Icicles?

Yes, spring icicles are springing up, or rather, down, everywhere.

Smallish icicles hanging from the house eave.

We’re supposed to have warmish weather over the next couple of days, so these icies will grow a lot. For safety, I’ve knocked down the ones over the door and will probably have to keep doing so for a while. There’s a lot of snow on that roof!

Happy Tuesday.