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Today’s Pictures: 23 Apr 21

New growth surrounds an ancient tree, not yet ready to burst its buds. ‘In soft flowing semi-transparent gold from throat to knee, escorted by the …

Today’s Pictures: 23 Apr 21

A lovely ancient sentinel stands surrounded by youngsters.

Today Stuart has also included a photographic walking tour through the Forest of Dean. I hope you take a look (or a stroll). 🙂

The Big Melt

We are warming up! And it’s really a long awaited, very much appreciated change of temperature.

Lots of water.

You can see from the photo that we had a lot of snow, but it’s melting so fast that we now have mini-lakes and streams everywhere. Bring your waders!

The sun has some real power (and our days are long: more than 15 hours at this point) and it won’t be long before the leaves burst through.

Gotta love that blue!

Happy mid-week. 🙂