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October Flowers

There are many flowers still blooming ~

Baby pink wild roses.
Glorious sunflowers.
Magnificent hibiscus.
And last but not least, lovely cultivated roses.

It’s such a delight to continue seeing all this marvellous colour and scent well into autumn. There will be lots of good memories to dream on while everything sleeps.

Greetings from the October flowers of the Okanagan Valley.

Japanese Garden Stroll

We took a walk through Penticton’s Japanese Garden.

The water level in the pond had dropped a lot; not surprising considering how dry August was.

We stopped to take a look at the many colourful koi. They expected us to feed them and swam eagerly to the pond’s edge.

Some of them are quite large!

This is a very tranquil garden on the edge of Lake Okanagan; such a beautiful spot.

Happy Thursday.

Equinox. #Autumn, on a (kind-of) #WordlessWednesday in #Scotland

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile. —William C. Bryant Just when I think I know the best time to live on a little Scottish island, the seasons …

Equinox. #Autumn, on a (kind-of) #WordlessWednesday in #Scotland

A lovely equinox post from Barb Taub. I hope you stop at her blog to enjoy her photos and humour.