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Some (Non-Snowy) Favourites

Here are a few favourites from some of my stored photos.

Near Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The vast Pacific beckons.
A northern Alberta sunrise in December. I like the reflection in the hood of the truck.
A southern Alberta canola field in July. Such an amazing skyscape.
Dominican Republic orchids. So rich and lush.
Lake Okanagan at sunset. This is home.

I will be travelling west for the next couple of days. Happy Friday.

No Snow Today …

… time for some flowers from a July day in Penticton, and especially for our Ontario family and friends, who received a metre of snow (3.3 feet) over the weekend!

I often visit the Penticton rose garden when I am at home. The roses usually last quite late into the autumn, but this is a lovely walk at any time of year.
I’ve posted some of these photos before, but now is a good time to see them again!
Beautiful red roses.
The rose garden’s focus is, of course, roses, but there are many other beauties as well, including these dianthus.

Happy Tuesday.