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Autumn Colors at the Great Falls of Potomac River and C&O Canal

I took a morning walk at the Maryland side of the Great Falls and the tow path of C&O Canal yesterday. The air was cool but fresh and the autumn …

Autumn Colors at the Great Falls of Potomac River and C&O Canal

Gorgeous autumn colours from Stephen Hung. He has many other very beautiful photos on his blog, so I hope you stop by for a look.

Am I Yellow or Am I Red?

During a walk today I stopped to admire the gum trees along Okanagan Lake. They are suddenly turning, but they are turning both red and yellow.

There is a bit of green still, but some leaves are turning yellow while many of the others on the same tree are turning red.
Beautiful gold and red.

I love how interesting and lovely these trees are in their variegated autumn dress, but they won’t last long and have to be appreciated now.

Happy Friday.

October Flowers

There are many flowers still blooming ~

Baby pink wild roses.
Glorious sunflowers.
Magnificent hibiscus.
And last but not least, lovely cultivated roses.

It’s such a delight to continue seeing all this marvellous colour and scent well into autumn. There will be lots of good memories to dream on while everything sleeps.

Greetings from the October flowers of the Okanagan Valley.

Autumn Bliss

I love how warm, calm and clear the weather can be during autumn.

A walk along the east side of Okanagan Lake was lovely. People were swimming and enjoying the perfect temperature.

We saw signs of seasonal closures – ice cream and snack stands; people winterising their boats – but there were lots of other examples of people enjoying the weather, too.

Wherever you are, I hope you are having good weather too.

Happy Wednesday.