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Snow Quackers

I really enjoy watching the ducks and the flock living next to Penticton Creek are quite the characters. They are constantly chatting and interacting, both happily and angrily.

The city keeps them fed and they have lots of sheltering trees and bushes nearby (which they really needed during the unusually cold storm that hit Penticton in December).

Happy Friday; happy weekend.

Hello Duckies

There is a large park and a lake with a nice beach near our home in the Okanagan Valley. There are lots of ducks looking for snacks there and they sometimes follow you around. These three were persistent.

I don’t don’t feed them because there is lots of regular duck food available and it’s much healthier for them. So, they were out of luck on the people food.

They are very sweet though and so cutely waddling around as M and I enjoyed an afternoon on the beach.

Hello from the friendly ducks of Skaha Lake. 🙂