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Doggie Fun

We have been looking after a friend’s dog over the break, and the weather has finally been nice enough (no wind gusts to 70 km or frostbite warnings) to take her to the dog beach.

Our temperatures here in Penticton are now well above 0°C (32F) and the snow we received is sloppy and in many spots, completely gone. As a northern girl, she found a snow patch and a stick and was a happy pooch.

Meanwhile, the humans had a nice view down the lake, including a bit of sun.

Happy Tuesday.

Penticton’s Public Art Walk

Penticton has a public art walk that tends to receive additions every year. One of this year’s is of a playful little dachshund who (as is their nature) will jump on anything, no matter how unbalanced.

Sculpture by Joanne Helm

The artist, Joanne Helm, not only celebrates this dachshund characteristic with a sweet and whimsical sculpture, but reminds us that we could all do with a little joyful unbalance in our lives, with living in the moment just for the sheer fun of it.

Sometimes, life is much too lifelike.

A Furry Friend

A couple of weeks ago we did some dogsitting for a friend of ours. Nan is a northern girl who looks to be half Exquimaux or Siberian husky and half German shepherd. She is very tall with incredibly slim delicate features and very soft fur.

No matter what her DNA says, she’s an amazingly even-tempered pooch who could probably turn the most determined dog-disliking person into a canine advocate. Gentle and cuddly, she loves to play and run and be fussed over and petted.

A very sweet pooch.

I’m afraid that M and I spoiled her just a little bit.

Of course, we’re missing our Rudy who passed away a couple of years ago, but maybe it’s time to bring another canine friend into our lives. 🙂