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Lower Penticton Creek

Six weeks ago when I was last at home, the lower Penticton Creek (near where it empties into Okanagan Lake) was very placid and the ducks were happily paddling along, with maybe a Canada goose or two around as well.

But now, the creek is definitely displaying its brawnier self.

Presently, it certainly doesn’t look like the same creek. In fact, it’s not. This is a river. I expected the flow to have started dropping by now (I posted about this a couple of days ago) but it’s still barreling along, the product of snow melt from the mountains and rain down here in the valley. If anything, it’s higher.

The ducks have unhappily scattered into Okanagan Lake and I can tell that they’re not comfortable there. They would like to have their safe little creek back.

Happy Saturday.

River Runs Wild

Back in mid-April I posted pictures of the quiet little creek that runs near our place in Penticton.

The ducks love it and even take naps there.

I had expected to find some young waddlers being shepherded by their parents on my next trip home, but …

… I instead found a very swollen, fast creek, loaded with mountain run-off. The ducks have waddled off to safer, calmer waters, as this creek is running near the top of its embankment.

Happy Thursday.