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Happy Fireworks Days

I am away in the far north at the moment: 68° north latitude, to be exact, in Inuvik, Northwest Territories.

We are in between the national days of Canada and the United States, so, I hope all you Canucks had a fabulous Canada Day, 🇨🇦 and to our great American cousins, I hope you have a brilliant July Fourth 🇺🇸.

Happy Fireworks Days!

Happy Canada Day!

The Canada Day Parade making its way along Wes...
The Canada Day Parade making its way along Westminster Avenue in Montreal West (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is Canada Day – our national holiday. Canada is officially 146 years old.

It’s time for fun, food and fireworks.

I am a very proud, patriotic Canadian and am grateful to have been born in this country. Many, many others are not so lucky and are stuck in some awful place where they have little or no control over their lives, especially the girls and women.

Today I give thanks for the privilege of an accident of birth.

Happy Birthday, Canada!