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Boxing Day

Here in Canada it’s Boxing Day. It has nothing to do with boxing gloves or rings but rather with an old tradition that came down to us from the U.K. and through our Commonwealth ties to that country.

On Boxing Day, you are supposed to box up the leftovers from your Christmas meal along with presents you don’t want or other items you no longer require and give them to those who are struggling. As a small child, I remember vestiges of this old tradition when my parents made sure there was a box of goodies to give away to a family we knew. Another aspect of the day was to provide time to a charity.

The charitable origins of Boxing Day now seem to be completely lost in an overload of after-Christmas sales that are akin to a shopping orgy, mostly for things many of us probably don’t need.

Too bad. A little selfless charity is a good thing, and especially in this tight economy. I won’t be spending any money today, but maybe some time.

Happy Boxing Day.