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Museum Ship

The SS Sicamous is a museum ship that is permanently grounded at Penticton’s Okanagan lake front. It’s a steel hulled, stern wheel steam ship that used to carry passengers, and later in its life, cargo, to the communities on the shores of Lake Okanagan.

Photo courtesy of B. Murphy

It was apparently quite luxurious for its time, but once roads were built, the Sicamous wasn’t needed any more. Its state began to decline but it was rescued by the SS Sicamous Restoration Society.

It’s now a museum and events facility, but you can also simply sit next to it to enjoy good weather and brunch, which is what M and I did on July 15.

Happy Monday.

Night Ship

This lovely old stern wheeler used to travel to the remote communities around Lake Okanagan before there was a network of roads. Launched in 1914 and owned by Canadian Pacific, it was considered a luxurious vessel and transported travellers in style. Its schedule and docking in Penticton dovetailed with the nearby CP owned railway and hotel, allowing its passengers good travel connections for the time.

SS Sicamous

Once reliable all-season roads were built, the paddle wheelers eventually fell out of favour. This one, along with a couple of other boats from the period, now form a museum commemorating that earlier, slower time.

Happy mid-week.