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Northern River

I took this photo back in August. Those green leaves are all gone now and today a snow storm started. I am presently at 61° N latitude (roughly the same as Oslo, Norway) after all, so winter comes early.

It will probably snow every day now for about the next month (we are near a very big lake and that makes a lot of snow until it freezes).

But dreaming of summer is a very good thing. An appreciative thing. 🙂

Tiger Hug

This amazing photograph of a Siberian tiger hugging a tree was taken in the wild with a hidden camera. The camera was set up in the forest and then left to be triggered when the tiger came by.

Sergey Gorshkov’s winning Wildlife Photography of the Year image is called “The Embrace.”

As you can imagine, pictures of these extremely rare tigers are difficult to get and this one has very deservedly won the Wildlife Photography of the Year competition for photographer Sergey Gorshkov.

To read the original article, click here: https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/science-environment-54518336

Enjoy the rest of your week. 🙂