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Canada Jay

The Canada Jay should probably be one of our national symbols. Found everywhere, from coast to coast and north to south, they are extremely prolific.

Many people love them while others find them extremely annoying. They are very opportunistic omnivores (basically, they will eat almost anything), but I have never found them to be particularly aggressive. In my experience, they will sit at the end of the picnic table, patiently waiting for leftovers or handouts, and quietly chirping to remind you not to forget them.

Smart and adaptive, they are one of the few examples of Canadian wildlife to retain their original indigenous name: Wisakedjàk (Algonquin) which then became “whiskey jack,” as they are often called. Indigenous peoples consider Wisakedjàk to be a trickster, which considering the jay’s behaviour, is very appropriate! Although they are related to crows and ravens, they are also categorised as songbirds, an interesting distinction.

Here is an example of their song. https://youtu.be/zEvBatYBwbo

Happy Tuesday.

SPAM (not the luncheon meat)

I’ve noticed lately that quite a few of my comments on other people’s blogs aren’t being received. https://wordsfromanneli.com/ mentioned that she …

SPAM (not the luncheon meat)

Hi Everyone, please see this short post from Belinda Grover (and take a look at her photography while you’re there!). Apparently comments are going astray and today, I’ve seen two other bloggers note the same issue. Cheers.

Bison Views

I saw a group of bison today.

And a couple of young ones who were play-fighting.

And that white stuff on the ground? Yikes. Last week it was 15C (59F) and sunny, but over the weekend, it started to pour rain, which turned to snow, which turned to rain, and then dropped below freezing. Everything is covered in ice-coated snow that in some places is about a metre thick.

So much for spring, but it was fun to see the bison!