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Laughter Is the Best Medicine

This sculpture of a naked, laughing youth is on Vancouver’s waterfront.

He’s definitely carefree and just enjoying life, something I could appreciate as my M and I were doing the same thing!

There is a nearby plaque that is supposed to explain the sculpture’s background, but I found it to be worded in a rather convoluted, overly arty sort of way. I took a picture of it but I’ve decided to leave it out. I think it’s better to just let the viewer do the interpreting.

Happy weekend from Vancouver’s naked laughing guy!

Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 06/August/21

Faceless Enjoy!***These images are intended as a source of entertainment, joy, and inspiration for the imagination.You can view more of my pictures …

Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 06/August/21

Stuart was visiting a village on a Greek Island when he took this photo of a carved nude female. Struck by its lack of identity, Stuart says that he “was drawn to it by the faceless nature of the woman; a metaphor for so many of the women in our world.”