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Some Melt

A bit of melting started happening yesterday as the sun carried some power even though it was still only -15C (5F) outside.

By week’s end we are supposed to go up by about 12° to -3C (27F) or so. That will be nice!

Happy Sunday, and don’t forget to change your clocks. Which reminds me, one of Dalí’s melting clock paintings is probably very appropriate today.

Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dalí


A New Coat Tree …

… or is that coated tree? Not sure, but some of the artists at the nearby arts centre enjoy clothing a tree in lots of colourful winter attire.

One view.
And another view. In this one you can see the tassels hanging from a branch on the right.
Here’s last year’s tree.

Greeting’s from Penticton’s fashionable (and warm!) trees.

What Does the Nose Know?

At present there are a number of public art installations throughout Penticton as part of a rotating exhibition. Below is a picture of one of them.

Sculpture by Ronald Simmer

When I first saw it, I thought the intension was to emphasise fun on the sunny beaches, that sort of thing. However, once I read the signage, I saw that the point was much more serious.

Is Big Brother spying on us? What do you think?