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The beginning of yesterday’s drive through northwestern Alberta and into British Columbia was a bit challenging with icy roads and blowing snow, but by 3:00 p.m. the sun had become visible and much of the snowfall had stopped.

Do you see the aura, or sundog, toward the left of the sun? Sundogs are caused by light reflection on ice particles in the air; on the prairies this lovely effect is observable because of the beautiful, open skies.

Happy Sunday.

Some (Non-Snowy) Favourites

Here are a few favourites from some of my stored photos.

Near Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The vast Pacific beckons.
A northern Alberta sunrise in December. I like the reflection in the hood of the truck.
A southern Alberta canola field in July. Such an amazing skyscape.
Dominican Republic orchids. So rich and lush.
Lake Okanagan at sunset. This is home.

I will be travelling west for the next couple of days. Happy Friday.

Prairie Storm

On our way west we encountered an enormous rain storm on the northern prairies of Alberta.

The wipers struggle to keep up.

Prairie rain storms can start and stop suddenly, and this one came to an abrupt halt.

The rain slows.

Soon we encountered clearing skies and continued our drive under clear conditions.

Climbing above the Peace River valley.

Greetings from northern Alberta.

Jasper National Park

Alberta’s Jasper National Park is the largest park in the Rocky Mountains and was established in 1907.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Dark Sky Preserve and was also the backdrop for a Marilyn Monroe movie, “River of No Return.” It has one of my favourite hotels as well – Jasper Park Lodge.

If you like to hike, walk, kayak, canoe or just watch the animals, Jasper is wonderful. Loads of trails, lakes and rivers, and, of course, there are hot springs in which to relax those tired muscles after a good day of exercise amidst gorgeous scenery.

Greetings from beautiful Jasper Park. 🙂

Prairie Skies

We recently drove across Alberta’s northern prairies during a rain storm.

We passed beautiful canola fields.

And then we left the storm behind as we continued our drive through the Rocky Mountains.

The western provinces are very different from each other but very beautiful.

We are home now in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

How is your July?

Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park is one of the largest preserves in the world.

M and I recently drove through a small part of it.

We saw bison (buffalo) of course but also bears.

And a sink hole.

It was the middle of May but there was still a little ice and snow at the bottom of it.

We didn’t see any whooping cranes – this park has one of the largest whooping crane nesting sites in the world – but had a very interesting short visit to an environmentally sensitive and important area.

Have you been to a park lately?

Calgary’s Class Act

Program for 1912 Calgary Exhibition and Stampe...
Program for 1912 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, front cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two weeks ago, Calgary, home of the Stampede, the world’s biggest rodeo, was inundated by flood waters. If you saw any of the coverage on television or Youtube or if you live there, then you know what it was like. Other nearby communities were also flooded, especially High River, which was hit particularly hard. Four people died and the property damage has been astronomical.

Mayor Neheed Nenshi’s skills as a leader were tested in a big way, and he succeeded in a big way. His calm,  common sense approach to all the work that needed to be done established a calm, common sense method for dealing with the situation. As a result, there was very little crime or idiocy  and people helped each other wherever and whenever they could. All the first responders and City of Calgary employees knocked themselves out.

Today, Calgary begins its 127th Stampede. The last two weeks have been a hard slog to get ready for it. Some of it had to be scaled back because of water damage, but the show is going ahead, as usual.

Calgary has managed to pull through this disaster with grit, determination, dignity and respect.

Happy Stampede, Calgary! You’re a class act.

Keep Hanging in there, Calgary

Right now, Calgary is enduring a very serious flood, as are a number of smaller communities near Calgary, such as High River, Canmore and Banff. Southern Alberta is also being flooded – the South Saskatchewan river through Medicine Hat will peak some time tomorrow morning.

There has been loss of life and the damage to property has been monumental.

Calgary and the other communities are hanging in there, though. Calgary is still planning to go ahead with the Stampede which is due to start two weeks from now.

Makes me feel petty for having  whined about my wet basement and also reminds me to be grateful for what I have.

I’m thinking of all of you and wishing you the best.

English: View from the Finley Bridge, looking ...
English: View from the Finley Bridge, looking South toward City Hall and Court of Queen’s Bench. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)