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The Landing

I took this very short video of small twin engine passenger plane on final approach into Penticton Airport over Lake Okanagan.

As it came closer, I took another photo as J wanted to capture the reflection of the landing lights on the water. The colours in the photo are more blue than I thought they would be.

It’s not a great photo but I like the reflection on the lake.

Happy Friday and happy landings.

Ice Runway

When you work in the north, lots of things are different. Since you’re surrounded by snow and ice for many months of the year, you learn to make tools of them.

Northern ingenuity.

So, what is this? It’s a frozen lake runway. There is another nearby airport (quite a large one, actually) that’s on dry land, but here, summer float planes can become winter ski or wheel planes just off Latham Island on Great Slave Lake.

Happy Wednesday. 🙂