Lower Penticton Creek

Six weeks ago when I was last at home, the lower Penticton Creek (near where it empties into Okanagan Lake) was very placid and the ducks were happily paddling along, with maybe a Canada goose or two around as well.

But now, the creek is definitely displaying its brawnier self.

Presently, it certainly doesn’t look like the same creek. In fact, it’s not. This is a river. I expected the flow to have started dropping by now (I posted about this a couple of days ago) but it’s still barreling along, the product of snow melt from the mountains and rain down here in the valley. If anything, it’s higher.

The ducks have unhappily scattered into Okanagan Lake and I can tell that they’re not comfortable there. They would like to have their safe little creek back.

Happy Saturday.

14 thoughts on “Lower Penticton Creek”

    1. Thanks, Allan. I agree that it has been a very strange spring, in lots of ways. The Okanagan Valley has been getting much more rain than usual (great for fire suppression!) while northern Alberta and NWT have been rainless, baking and burning.

  1. It may take a little longer this year but eventually it should settle down. I know what you mean about them not being comfortable on the lake – so much more exposed – but I hope that soon they’ll be able to go back to the creek.

    1. Yes, the ducks like to feel protected on their little creek with the foliage overhead and on the embankments. Yes, the creek should start to settle soon, but we are getting quite a bit of rain which may delay it. Cheers.

    1. They like their little spot on the creek because it’s quite protected with lots of foliage and of course people stop to feed them, too. They have worn a path between the creek and a spot where a walking trail intersects!

    1. We fortunately haven’t had any smoke since more than a week ago, but we’ve had a shower or two almost every day with sun in between, so it has been really nice. I think the forest fire smoke in Alberta has shifted more southerly over the prairies and there has been some progress in bringing them under control, too. Cheers.

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