Penticton Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden that’s near our place is a very tranquil spot even in winter. I like tracking its changes and how well it showcases the seasons.

Winter garden.
Early autumn garden.
Garden iris from a few days ago.
Late spring garden.

It’s a serene and comforting place at any time.

Happy Friday.

14 thoughts on “Penticton Japanese Garden”

  1. Japanese Gardens are good spots for contemplation, in any season. I love how the design makes the most of views in an intimate space. Happy Friday Lynette. Allan

    1. Thanks, Allan. Yes, they are. This one is next to Okanagan Lake; the garden provides glimpses of that large lake within the smaller context of the garden itself. Very symbolic and the garden feels very protective, even in poor weather.

    1. Yes, we definitely are. It’s about a 7 min walk from our door. It’s also part of a larger park next to a big lake, so it’s a really great place for walking (and views). Cheers.

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