Blooming Everywhere!

I am at home in British Columbia where everything is a-bloom.

Common viburnum.
Rue or Basket of Gold
This rue was being used as a ground cover, but it’s beautiful in a hanging pot, too.
Viburnum opulus. This is a sub-species of the plant in the first picture, but it has been hybridized to produce these rich, dense blooms.

Isn’t spring great? Happy Saturday.

16 thoughts on “Blooming Everywhere!”

  1. I like viburnum. It’s not traditionally known for being a spring flower like tulips or daffs, but I enjoy its simplicity. Happy Weekend to you!

    1. It was so great to find a rock garden covered in it and surrounded by rhododendrons; such a profusion of growth and colour! Thank you very much – we are having a long weekend, so that’s always great! I hope you’re having a good one too.

    1. Yes, I will be! I have to finish up some work stuff remotely and I might have to return to NWT for a couple of weeks in August or September but otherwise I am in BC and soon will switch my health care and driver’s. Yay! 😁

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