Blue Jay

This member of the corvid (crows, ravens, magpies) family is a colourfully noisy addition to a back yard, especially if you have some sunflower seeds available.

Although they have very loud voices, they aren’t aggressive birds and they get along well with others. I enjoy watching them fly; their wings are almost like a blue and white kaleidoscope.

And, of course, the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team is named after them. Go Jays!

14 thoughts on “Blue Jay”

  1. Blue jays are beautiful birds. We are lucky enough to have some in our yard every year, especially when the acorns ripen on our oak. Happy Friday at home Lynette. Allan

    1. Thank you very much, Allan. It’s great to be home. I hope you have arrived safely in Vancouver.
      I agree. When I kept feeders I used to put out a separate one with sunflower seeds for the larger birds. Watching the flashing blue and white of their wings as they landed was a treat. Always nice to see them.

      1. After a 10 hour drive, we are safely here. It is warm and smoke free, the family company is great and it is so good to not be driving. Thanks for asking. Allan

        1. Good to hear, Allan. We had rain last night which cleared out the smoke and air quality advisories were removed this morning. Agreed – so nice to get out from behind the wheel! I hope you have a good visit.

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