Rocky Mountains – Kicking Horse Pass

I am on my way back to British Columbia from the Northwest Territories, this time via a more southerly route than the one I usually take.

Entering the Rocky Mountains through smoky skies.

Because of this extremely dry, early spring, there are ferocious wildfires in northern Alberta right now. The smoke from these fires is blanketing much of North America.

As we travelled west, the smoke over the Rockies began to decrease.

As we left the Territories, there were many evacuations and our drive through northern Alberta became rather tense when we encountered a long stretch of very dark, orange-hued, smoke-filled skies.

Although these views appear to be very smoky, this is an improvement over what we experienced in northern Alberta.
Entering the Kicking Horse Pass.

Long, gentle, soaking rains would be an excellent thing right now. Let’s hope we get some.

18 thoughts on “Rocky Mountains – Kicking Horse Pass”

  1. That’s near Emerald lake right? I have a ten dollar bill somewhere with a picture of it on the back. Of course, rivers are long. I just remember seeing the Kicking Horse river and thinking how well named it was.

    1. Yes, you’re right. Emerald Lake is about 35 km away (about 22 miles), so it’s not far. Emerald Lake is one of my favourite places on Earth. I love hiking in that area and staying at the lodge. Cheers.

    1. Hi Allan, we have arrived home, but it was fairly smoky the entire way (after we left NWT we had to go to Sask. and then to Penticton via TCH); the Calgary area air quality was really poor. Here in the south Okanagan it’s much better, but still smoky. Safe drive, Allan.

    1. There was one section that was very concerning. The smoke was so dark and orange tinged, as well, but we got through it okay. There have been so many losses: animals, property, homes. Yes, rain is so badly needed.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. They desperately, desperately need it. I am back in the Okanagan and there’s smoke here too, but there have enough rain showers to wash it out and the air quality is much better; warnings were lifted this morning.

  2. Your smoke is making for wonderfully colorful sunsets here in New England – and I wish we could share some of our rain! Although it’s a little dryer now.

    1. Northern Alberta is really being walloped. There are many, many fires with something like 20 of them still out of control. They are expecting rain over the next couple of days; I really hope they get lots of soakers.

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