17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday’s Red-Breasted Nuthatch”

        1. Agreed. It seems to be bad right now. Another blogger I know is afraid that her blog is going to drop altogether because of the number of errors. I find that when I go on her blog it sort blanks out before coming back up, so she might be right.

        1. That’s a possibility Wayne but I’ve also read that the “happiness engineers” are poking around causing issues, even on newer templates. I’ve seen that many other bloggers are experiencing the like button issue, though.

    1. The little nuthatches are common in the west, but I’m not sure about their range in central or eastern Canada. They are so cute. They walk down the tree trunks looking for bugs which is really great for tree health, but they will eat sunflower seeds from a feeder too. Cheers.

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